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Customer Feedback

"I bought several of these to give as gifts and kept them all! My bad." ~ September 2013

"I use your towels to clean everything from the kitchen counters to the car! There is nothing better." ~ January 2013

"I received these towels as a Christmas gift a few days ago, and I absolutely love them! They work well, and the artwork is just beautiful :)" ~ December 2011

"I purchased a few [dishtowels] yesterday for my girlfriends and my mother and can't wait to gift them!!" ~ July 2011

"I love the [bags] you made for me and the package you put together for the Balloon Race auction was a big success."  ~ September 2010

"I love these dishtowels and since we are getting ready to move back into our house in a couple of weeks I am going to unwrap them and put them in my new kitchen (yeah!!!).  After studying them now since my purchase I think my favorite are the Good Housekeeping magazine covers with the adorable children. " ~ August 2010

"I bought 5 Halloween Bags from Lavender Ridge last year and my friends loved them. I am leaving for New York and was wondering if I could buy some more to take with me." ~ October 2009 



  • Reno Gazette, My Meals Insert (January 30, 2011)

Reno Gazette


  • edible Reno-Tahoe (Fall 2010 Issue)